Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Heroes of Might and Magic" Save File Editor

Originally I wrote this editor just because I wanted to complete
the campaign (eight maps) within 100 days, without repeating the
annoying Save/Load process. So I wrote a save file viewer to
easily view the following information:
- Ultimate Artifact
- Field Creatures (especially the ones that would join you)
- Spells (recorded in Mage Guild and Shrines)
- Resources

And then my wife thought it would be nice if this viewer allows
her to not only view these information, but also modify them.
Well, thats a reasonable request, :) so I made most of the
fields editable, and added more features. Thats the HoMM1
Editor I would like to share with all the H1 fans.

Below is a simple tutorial of this HoMM1 Editor.

Download: HeroesEditor

1. Open a save file (*.CGM or *.GM1)

2. View all the towns and castles. You can select Zoom Out
or Zoom In from the menu.

3. Click on any town or castle to view or edit the details.
To save your changes, click outside the dialog box.

4. Click on the ultimate artifact to view or edit the details.
The ultimate artifact icon won't appear if it has already been
dug up.

5. Select the Creatures View from the menu.

Labels with red background mean these creatures will join you if you have enough troops.

6. Click on any creature to vew or edit the details.

7. Select the Resources View from the menu.

The labels above the campfires represent the resources
you will get.

W Wood
M Mercury
O Ore
S Sulfur
C Crystal
J Gems
G Gold

8. Click on any resource to vew or edit the details.

9. Select the Shrines View from the menu.

10. Edit Kingdom.
"Reveal the puzzle map" allows you to view the puzzle in the game.

11. Edit Heroes. First select the hero you would like to edit.
Heroes are sorted by type (Knight, Barbarian, Sorceress, Warlock).
"MAX Movement" allows your hero to travel the whole world in one day.

OK. That's pretty much it. If you have any problems or questions,
please leave a comment on Jeff's Blog.

Have fun!


  1. Excellent program. Thank you!

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the material collected at a single site-directory devoted exclusively to the game Heroes of Might and Magic 1. - Home - News

    Sincerely, VDV_forever

  2. thank you so much bro!!
    you should make a youtube video and than more people will download it. Thank you so much mate. I always wanted a ghost in HoMM 1 :P

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hello, I thought the trainer you created for this game is terrific. Is there any plans to do one for the second game or any of the other ones. Thanks!

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  5. Website - A Guide to Heroes of Might and Magic 1 and 2
    actively collects and spreads information about the second part of the game.
    The program Jeff's "Heroes Editor" is added to the "Programs and Utilities"

    We hope that all will appreciate Jeff's heroic public their products!

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